Path of a Healer

Path of a Healer

Dear friend,

My new book “Path of a Healer: a time to reflect”, is a story of the boundaries between life and death.  This memoir is crisp, clear, articulate, though-provoking and deeply forthright. The conversational format of the book is very interesting because throughout the memoir, my mentor and colleague, Phil, is effectively used as his honest responses help to move the narrative forward. His occasional interjections, questions, exclamations, reminiscences and musings of his own, compelled me, to either elaborate, change topics, or rethink what has just been said or written.

The memoir forthrightness and  honesty examines and pays homage to a father-son relationship, faith, friendship, mentorship, rural Quebec and the mysteries of open-heart surgery. It also explores the concept of spiritual life on earth. The book appears admirably candid.  After stories of love,  and loss, I speak about facing death without trying to cure it.  I tried to  demonstrate great courage and confidence both in the writing and in what is written, even when that might seem a little unorthodox. It builds strong connections between the secular and spiritual worlds, breaking down and deciphering Catholicism. The book should appeal to readers of memoir and non-fiction who are intrigued by the topics of medicine, healing, spirituality, family relationships and family history. I hope I can  pass down some invaluable lessons to readers, just as my father passed them down to me.


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Thank you,

Jacques G. LeBlanc