Intuitive Painting the Art of Becoming

Intuitive Painting

Intuitive Painting the Art of Becoming

Intuitive Painting

Draws upon your SELF for inspiration and allows you to express using paint and paper without expectation, judgment or desired results. It gives practice to BEING in a loving way that is transforming. It makes conscious the phenomenon of creation.


Creativity is an expression of our sense of BEing. When we open to creativity, blocks in our life, perceptions of our SELF shift and change, allowing for growth in our understanding of who we are and what we are here for.

Each experience is unique. It really is all about YOU. The more you bring of your SELF to the experience the richer it will be.

Choose an Option that is right for you. Each one offers a slightly different combination of practical experience with paint on paper or canvas, interpretive discussion and integrative exercises. If nothing fits, contact me and we can design an option that’s right for you.

Sessions can be done online or by phone. If you are living or visiting the Vancouver area sessions can be booked in my studio.

Interested in trying this with friends or family? Contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.

Be BRAVE and journey with me on a voyage of SELF discovery. It’s fun and surprisingly easy.

Allow me to engage your creativity and together we will Discover, Explore, Connect and Create a deeper, loving understanding of your SELF.

Through the practice of intuitive painting you will have the opportunity to become aware of and build the relationship with your SELF that is truly soul inspired. It can be life changing.