In the Eyes of Intuition

Eyes of Intuition by Susan LeBlanc

In the Eyes of Intuition


    1. quick and ready insight
    2. a:  immediate apprehension or cognition
      b:  knowledge or conviction gained by intuition
      c:  the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

Source: Merriam Dictionary

Intuition is a perceptual ability that is beyond our physical experience and as such it is often dismissed or attributed to nonsense or make believe. It is considered devoid of fact and therefore given little value in relation to the decisions people make in their lives. People are often apprehensive about the concept of intuition for it has represented mystique and a certain feminine mystique that appears at first exclusive to those, “in the know” and not available or accessible to all.  And yet, it is intuition that people frequently refer to as what prompted them to make a life altering choice. Intuition is not being psychic and it is not a “gut feeling”. These descriptions are more frequently found in Western cultures and are gradually giving way to a deeper and broader understanding of intuition as a pathway between one’s source of creation and the human experience.

Intuition is the process of seeing with the heart. In basic terms we may speak of developing a strong and healthy heart through diet and exercise that will support everything that we live for. However, I suggest that it is not just about eating right, exercising and reducing stress. Developing a healthy heart is also about developing one’s ability to see with the heart, to intuit, from one’s source of creation, knowing and give way to expressing that knowing without judgment.

How does one develop intuition or increase intuitive capacity? Intuitive painting is a way in which one can access, tapping into one’s source of creation and express, through application of paint on paper, images that may best be described as Soul inspired. With guidance, these images can provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth, helping one to develop deeper insight, understanding and perspective on his/her life and sense of well being.

Allow me to engage your creativity and together we will Discover, Explore, Connect and Create a deeper, loving sense of your SELF.

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