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Medicine for Life: A Practical Guide for Success

Deciding on a career path is difficult for many people. Whether you are a medical student, a resident in-training, a family practitioner or a specialist, there will be a vast number of challenges you will face in preparing for a successful medical career.

This book is an essential guide for many, if not every facet of your medical career. It is a valuable resource that covers a wide variety of topics such as choosing a medical school, a residency training program, a type of practice, establishing your practice, surrounding yourself with key experts, the realities, challenges and upcoming changes in medical practice, preparing for retirement and retiring.

Browse through the book as often as you want to refresh your memory or look at a specific subject. Medicine for Life: A Practical Guide for Success will help your career and yourself in providing you with competent and solid guidelines.

Medicine For Life: A Practical Guide for Success by Jacques LeBlanc M.D.

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