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Our company is committed to exploring new options for those interested in developing and enhancing their sense of wellbeing.

Path of a Healer: a time to reflect

A story of the boundaries between life and death, the new book by Jacques LeBlanc.

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Articles on topics of interest related to health and wellness


Medicine For Life: A Practical Guide for Success

Wellness (wĕl′nĭs)

We see wellness as a dynamic state of living where the mind, body, spirit and soul are in harmony.

International Medical Education

A Sharing Experience by Jacques and Susan LeBlanc

A joint partnership program that was supported and funded by B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Fudan University Children’s Hospital of Shanghai. A teaching and educational endeavour with the Chennai (India) Apollo Children’s Hospital Cardiac and Oncology programs.

Intuitive Painting

The Art of Becoming

Image yourself as a living paintbrush. What will you create? Often the mention of being creative is met with the response, “ I can’t do that, I am not creative.” In fact, we are all creative. Everything we imagine, think, feel, believe and do is a form of creation. What we are often less aware of is how we are creating and what is influencing our creative ability. Discovering, exploring and illustrating those influences is at the heart of Intuitive Painting.

Be BRAVE and journey with me on a voyage of SELF discovery. It’s fun and surprisingly easy.

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